The realization of the Serial Experiments Lain ‘Psyche Processor’

(Editor’s note: This is a semi-serious brain-dump, blending the metaphysical and cyberpunk elements of the transcendental anime Serial Experiments Lain with the practical science, science, and theory laid by the great 19th century Electrical Engineers like Nikola Tesla, Thomson, and Heaviside.)

Everything is waves and frequencies. The whole universe. What we see as solid matter is actually a complex collection of waves that interact with themselves in a way that looks like solid matter.

Toroidal Electromagnetic Wave that behaves like a particle
The Lord Kelvin (JJ Thompson) view of the Atom. All ‘particles’ are treated instead as magnetic knots in space. They could also be modeled as vortices

The two fields that form these waves (dielectricity and magnetism) both have different properties. There are different ways to exploit reality by taking advantage of the two different properties and how they relate to one-another. The most popular engineer to exploit this would be Nikola Tesla, who employed parametric variation to get effects that would otherwise be impossible using a normal circuit (efficient transmission of power through the ground, one-wire transmission, FTL propagation of information, energy synthesis, etc).

The ‘Schumann resonance’ is a propagation channel that electromagnetic waves can efficiently travel around the Earth. It is the resonant frequency of the Earth and in many ways its heartbeat. The Schumann cavity is bound by our ionosophere, which is affected by the Sun, so in many ways the Sun is part of the same ‘circuit’.

Live view of the Schumann Resonance provided by a receiving station in Russia.

Because our brains are complex fractal antennae, ESP and psychic phenomena can be explained by simple ‘tuning’ between nearby minds.

Like any other radio transmission.

The signals we ascribe to human brainwaves (5-40hz) are in reality much faster, but we only see a stretched ELF signal due to the nature of refraction. The real signal is far more dense, but is ‘compressed in time’ beyond the Shannon limit.

While we cannot directly measure/interpret these signals, we can still amplify them directly by analog means. As long as the transmitted signal carries some level of harmonics with the original signal, much of the original information will be preserved inside the transmission.

Because the electrostatic force is an instantaneous force (an infinite-velocity scalar) high-voltage would be the best means of amplifying these latent signals. The best way to accomplish this is by a dynamic HV modulator like a Tesla Coil.

Take an EEG and feed the output to an analog filter+amplifier. With optical isolation, feed that signal into a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter. With a grounded Magnifying Transmitter, the ground is part of the circuit and your own thoughts can be amplified+transmitted along the Schumann resonance cavity. Thus we have a potential ESP amplifier:

(ESP Amplification via modulation of high-frequency dielectric impulses)

Of course, we can do the same thing in the other direction, by directly amplifying ELF Schumann signals and feeding them directly to the body via low-power e-stim or by magnetic stimulation.

And thus, the Psyche processor goes from being a sci-fi concept to an engineerable series of experiments.

This of course leads to practical questions and problems along the way. How much power is needed? how much amplification? Will the system work digitally? What are the actual effects? How would our minds interpret such signals? Would it only affect our subconscious? These are all questions that would have to be explored.

As a more small-scale repeatable experiment, it may also be possible to not only record EEG signals, but to play them back as well. If the modulated brainwaves contain hidden content, then playing ones own brainwaves back to them (via e-stim) might cause the subject to play back a particular thought-process, energy, or emotional state. At the most complex level, it may allow a person to play back entire memories.

Where do we go from here? It all depends the direction the universe guides us.

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