7/1/22 – Borehole to hell (or at least the local water table)

Started drilling a borehole to hell (or at least to the local water table).
Tesla experiments demand a very low-impedance ground, and the only way to get some of the high-end experiments done is to drill deep.

Probably gonna be a long-term project, especially as i fine-tune a process and hit various layers of clay, gravel, rock.

(few days later)

Down to about 10ft. First foot was the concrete slab, then about 2-3ft of dense clay, then a thin layer of gravel followed by a damp dirt/sand mixture from 7ft down. I think that means I’m close (fingers crossed).

The workflow is changing day-by-day but the most success for the thin sandy layers has been straight PVC pipe with some jagged teeth cut+bent into it.

7/4 update

At ~13ft the damp sand is getting schloppy and based on the cardboard dipstick it looks like I struck water.🤠

As long as I’m here may as well go fullbore (pun intended), so once the couplings get in I’ll finish off the 2nd pipe to ~20ft then work out how to connect it all up. Probably something like galvanized water pipe and then a thick copper ground strap brazed at multiple points inside the pipe string.

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